Our Vision

The project purpose is to motivate you – marine professional to share your experience. Collectively to solve problems at work, beginning from work management and safety issuers, ending with a marine engine’s frozen starter valve. We appeal to experienced professionals, students and trainees to take a part in the discussions and write your own articles. Anyone can be the author!


The blog name is composed of words – “tool”, “er” (engine room) and “guru” from а Sanskrit language a decent, great, big, heavy, established in the truth, unwavering, teacher, master. This is a non-profit project. If you are a marine engineer working on ships, you know that there is a huge difference between the theoretical knowledge and skills acquired through the hard work in the engine room. That is the experience we want to share here. If you have already achieved some success in your career, share your experiences with those who are just at the start!


At the moment the web page is in the development process, which sometimes may lead to mistakes. We constantly refine online resource, so the function can change with each new update. Authors and administration are not responsible and do not provide guarantees in connection with the publication of facts, data, results and other information posted at the blog Toolerguru.com. Articles or blog comments posted, are for informational purposes only and are not checked for reliability. Toolerguru.com and it’s authors cannot be held responsible for any injuries, damage or similar resulting from the use of the information provided. All the information on the website is written by private persons drawing on personal experience. We thank you all for participating in this exciting project.

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Why to share?
Do not let your knowledge dive into a dust of oblivion. Motivate, instruct, share with us, your experience is bound to be useful.
If you have questions, how to write, what to write about or suggestions for the web side development, please contact us.