Fresh water production. Plate evaporator Alfa Laval type – JWP

Transformation of sea water into fresh water by vacuum distillation for domestic needs. The installation is widely used in the merchant fleet. The desalination plant is designed for automatic operation with continuous fresh water quality control.


  • Simple, compact design.
  • Titanium plate heat exchanger and other materials (without coating).
  • Combined condenser, ejector and water supply system.
  • Simple control system.
Principle of work – vacuum distillation, the boiling point of water in a vacuum of 0.1 bar is 45.82 ° C. Steam is condensed in the evaporator by means of seawater cooling.

Start up sequence:

  • Open the valves on the suction and discharge side of the ejector pump.
  • Open the seacock valve (air / brine) of the ejector.
  • Close the air valve at the top of the housing.
  • Start the ejector pump. Check the pressure before ejector – min. 2.8 – 3 bar, after the ejector – a maximum of 0.6 bar.
  • When vacuum is at least 90%, open the inlet and outlet valves for the heating water from the engine cooling system.
  • The hot water supply to the evaporator starts. Adjust opening of the bypass valve to reach the water inlet temperature to 80 ° C, and at the outlet to 72 ° C. The boiling point inside the separator should be about 45 ° C. A higher temperature will increase the formation of scale.
  • Start the fresh water pump.
  • When salinity level is normalized, the control system will automatically fill the tank of fresh water selected by the operator.

Operator notes:

Limestone on the surface of the heat exchanger. Calcium sulphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide impairs the productivity of the fresh water generator. Above listed impurities create a film on the surface of the brine from where bubbles rise, which then burst and salt enters the surface of the evaporator and is carried away with fresh water reducing the quality of the generated water. Ameroyal Evaporator treatment contains active polymers that prevent foaming of brine. Ameroyal CF prevents the deposition of calcium on the parts of the fresh water generator. Also, the lower the temperature in the evaporator, the less the formation of scale.


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