If you have troubles with your Fuel or Oil purifier

In case if you did not do any changes in settings, but did a routine overhaul.

When you reassemble the unit after major or minor overhaul, make sure that:

  • All necessary O-rings and gaskets replaced and lubricated with original lubricant or silicon grease;
  • All moving parts reassembled as per balance plan. See punch marks;
  • All operating water channels inspected and cleared from limestone;
  • All respective valves are open;
  • Separator delivery pump is operational;
  • Separation feed oil/fuel temperature is correct;
  • Feed water supply station supply sufficient amount of water;
  • Separator control block has sufficient cooling;
  • Media temperature will effect on its viscosity, thus you may require putting different size gravity disc.

If nothing from above has helped check if Emergency stop button is disengaged.
On some models a driving belt was slipping after sludge discharge event, thus reducing bowl speed.
On other, equipped with hinged feed pump I had problems with supply pressure. Pump seized due to cavitation and did not deliver good pressure as it should.

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