Practical advises on the Bosch scroll pump service/troubleshooting

When plunger has a lacquered surface (lacquering effect appears only in HFO-mode).

By the next reasons:

  1. High fuel oil temperatures. Rise a viscosity a bit. If both temperature and viscosity is high you might be facing a fuel degradation.
  2. High injection pressures. Check a correct atomizing pressure setting;
  3. Mechanical load on the pump;
  4. Longer fuel resistance time in an injection pump. Check HP pump delivery valve. Oil spill test.

Scouring marks at plunger shaft.

By the next reasons:

  1. Geometrical deviation of barrel groove or sharp edges;
  2. Wrong plunger/barrel pairing;
  3. Barrel grooves are not debarred;
  4. Scratches in the middle – sudden strong temperature changes;
  5. Fine brush marks. Scratches from fine abrasive particles in fuel oil. Check/adjust purifier.

Scratches on plunger head.

  1. Low lubrication. Too low fuel oil viscosity/ too hot fuel oil, fine abrasive particles in fuel oil.

Fuel cavitation may occur if water present in fuel oil.

Add fuel additives into fuel storage tanks to enhance lubrication properties. Especially, when engine is running on low sulfur fuels.


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