CSW pump planned maintenance

Cooling Sea Water pump after a 10861 running hours inspection and maintenance. Impeller found to be very bad along with the wear ring.

Metal erosion is done by mechanical action on the metal surface by particles rapidly moving fluids grains of solids, gas bubbles and etc. Erosion intensity depends on the metal uniformity, hardness and structure. To increase the erosion resistance in a metal housing alloying components are utilized, thus increasing metal strength and corrosion resistance and producing a superficial consolidation.

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  1. Assuming this is a ships’ engine seawater cooling pump(which means that it pumps relatively clean water most of the time), from my experience, I would say that something isn’t right with the impeller material or/and piping arrangement. To overcome this problem we had to replace brass impeller with stainless steel one, and erosion /cavitation problem was solved, as stainless steel appeared to be much more resistant to the above effects.

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