HOW TO CHARGE FREON GAS FROM LIQUID SIDE. Tools: Refrigeration gas manifold with colored hoses; Scales; General mechanic tools with ratchet spanners; Freon gas cylinder with correct gas as per specification. Prerequisites: A/C cooling system strainers and condensers were properly cleaned. No apparent leaks in the gas system [...]

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Water mixed in fuel oil

Fuel Oil Purifier must always be efficiently operated to ensure that water and other impurities are effectively removed from purified fuel oil. There has been cases where the [...]

White smoke

Bluish white smoke emission from ship’s funnels indicates lube oil is being burned with the atomized fuel oil in the combustion chamber. Lube Oil ingress into fuel system [...]

“Maintenance Free Battery” explosion

Maintenance Free Battery (200AH, 12V) has been in service for 1 year 6 months; very likely with high ambient/operating temperatures and minimal maintenance checks done on this [...]

Main Engine Liner Cracked

A short story about how a row of several human errors can bring ship out of operations. You know that in life failures aren’t come from nowhere as in the moves. So, here is [...]

Enclosed space crib

"Enclosed space" means a space that has limited openings for entry and exit, unfavourable natural ventilation and that is not designed for continuous worker occupancy as cargo [...]

Diesel Engine Valve Lash Measurement and Adjustment

Experience indicates a vast importance in on-time engine valve lash measurements to prevent severe diesel engine failures. Excessive and improperly adjusted valve lash can [...]

Rotary Vane Steering Gear

The complete actuator is normally integrated with two frequency controlled reversible pump units, valve block and electrical feed back units. The power pump units consist of [...]

CSW pump planned maintenance

Cooling Sea Water pump after a 10861 running hours inspection and maintenance. Impeller found to be very bad along with the wear ring. Metal erosion is done by mechanical [...]
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