HOW TO CHARGE FREON GAS FROM LIQUID SIDE. Tools: Refrigeration gas manifold with colored hoses; Scales; General mechanic tools with ratchet spanners; Freon gas cylinder with correct gas as per specification. Prerequisites: A/C cooling system strainers and condensers were properly cleaned. No apparent leaks in the gas system [...]

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Since we have MARPOL Annex VI manufacturers are working hard to reduce engine emission limits to contemporary standards. When a mixture of Fuel oil, Lubrication oil and Air [...]

The commandments of engineer in charge

There is believe that modern naval officers lack leadership skills. The maritime academies and colleges almost do not pay attention to the basic principles of human resource [...]

Take care of your fuel system

The fuel system management on board encompasses purchasing/ordering, storage, sampling and treatment. The ship has to be supplied with fuel in amount to fulfill its energy [...]

Investigation: The piston fell apart

Curious accident has happened on the ferry where one of our colleagues is working now. While carrying out a night watch, motorman noticed an abnormal knocking coming from the [...]


One of our authors shared a valuable info of abbreviations. I believe this kind of handbook will be extremely useful to our readers, both students and professionals. Please, [...]

Damaged exhaust pipe

An extensive exhaust gas leak from Emergency/Harbour generator engine silencer, was observed recently. We found a 4cm2 size hole in the pipework piece (silencer outlet side) [...]

Ship Energy Efficiency Management

The earth has limited resources. Marine fleet is growing in the number, thus increasing the energy demand. We have to use this yet available energy responsibly. Maritime [...]

Smoke and Heat Detectors testing

Ship’s fire detectors normally are extremely robust and reliable. They have a fully sealed construction and all electrical contacts are moulded into the plastic to eliminate [...]
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