Refrigeration plants


HOW TO CHARGE FREON GAS FROM LIQUID SIDE. Tools: Refrigeration gas manifold with colored hoses; Scales; General mechanic tools with ratchet [...]

Merchant ship air conditioning system

Single duct system is the most common for merchant ship in terms of use as This is the system where only one air duct leads from central air conditioning [...]

How to stop your cold room icing up

One of the most frequent and undesirable events in the ship cold room is ice buildup on ones walls and evaporator. In many cases the problem is hiding behind [...]

Scroll compressor A/C unit tips

It is quite a common thing to have a scroll type A/C unit in ECR. The problem is that it does not have any running indicators at all or maybe a few, [...]

How to change oil in the compressor.

As a fairly simple procedure for replacing oil in refrigeration compressor using a vacuum pump is often violated, I have decided to present a step by step [...]
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