Exhaust system


Since we have MARPOL Annex VI manufacturers are working hard to reduce engine emission limits to contemporary standards. When a mixture of Fuel oil, [...]

Damaged exhaust pipe

An extensive exhaust gas leak from Emergency/Harbour generator engine silencer, was observed recently. We found a 4cm2 size hole in the pipework piece [...]

White smoke

Bluish white smoke emission from ship’s funnels indicates lube oil is being burned with the atomized fuel oil in the combustion chamber. Lube Oil ingress [...]

Selective catalytic reduction

I’d like to share the experience of recent work - installation of the catalysts in the exhaust gas system of our diesel engines. The reason is in stricter [...]

Supercharging trio

A useful hint on types of supercharging for the main and auxiliary diesel engines. 1. Supercharging with a constant partition of gases at the turbine inlet, [...]
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