Fresh water production. Plate evaporator Alfa Laval type – JWP

FWG1 Application: Transformation of sea water into fresh water by vacuum distillation for domestic needs. The installation is widely used in the merchant fleet. The desalination plant is designed for automatic operation with continuous fresh water quality control. Features: Simple, compact design. Titanium plate heat exchanger and other materials [...]

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Oil separator error

Hello colleagues. I will try to briefly talk about my experience. For some days I was tormented with my lubricant separator, until I realized what was happening. The [...]


Recently I raised this issue at work and realized that not all of my colleagues understand what is meant by the CLEAN CLASS. For myself and for those who are interested, I [...]

Properly prepare your workplace

Any work does not tolerate haste. Take care of your workplace, make it safe and comfortable for yourself and colleagues. In order the performance of the task set to you went [...]

Supercharging trio

A useful hint on types of supercharging for the main and auxiliary diesel engines. 1. Supercharging with a constant partition of gases at the turbine inlet, p = const. It [...]

Hydraulic accumulators in practice

I want to share the experience of setting up the fuel system on the engine, namely on the hydraulic accumulators on fuel feed line and fuel return line. A bit of theory: [...]

Plain bearings “MIBA” in hands

During a scheduled overhaul ... On “Caterpillar” engine my attention was attracted by main bearing shells manufactured by Miba. The peculiarity of their construction is [...]
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