Merchant ship air conditioning system

Single duct system is the most common for merchant ship in terms of use as This is the system where only one air duct leads from central air conditioning unit to the air outlets in the various rooms. The central A/C unit undertake all the air treatment (filtration, cooling, heating, and humidification) required for the system. The treated air reaches [...]

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PTO-PTI Concepts

A definition of PTO is a power take-off from propulsion system to power pumps, compressors, generators, propellers in case of direct acting propulsion system and other [...]

Piston jammed

Engine personnel witnessed not the most common breakdown in the fleet. The piston jammed in their engine four-stroke engine, manufactured by MAK. From the field report - after [...]

How to stop your cold room icing up

One of the most frequent and undesirable events in the ship cold room is ice buildup on ones walls and evaporator. In many cases the problem is hiding behind the unit [...]

Heat exchangers

Heat transfer occurs through radiation, conduction and convention. Conduction and convention occurs in the area of materials contact. Flow – parallel, counter [...]

Speed Droop

Definition of droop is a decrease in speed setting at the load increases. It is a percentage of the original speed setting from no load to full load. The normal recommended [...]

Paint preparation and painting. Cadet guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide easy and practical support of efficient process of paint application.   Evaluate the condition of the area designated [...]

Aluminium corrosion

Pure aluminium (Al) is a soft, easily shaped metal with low strength. It is characterized by low weight, excellent corrosion resistance and good electrical conductivity. AIMg [...]

Burned starting air valve

Starting air explosions may be caused by continuous starting air valve leaking followed by it sticking in open position. An oil film may build up in the starting air pipework [...]
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