Author: Richard

Scroll compressor A/C unit tips

It is quite a common thing to have a scroll type A/C unit in ECR. The problem is that it does not have any running indicators at all or maybe a few, [...]

White smoke

Bluish white smoke emission from ship’s funnels indicates lube oil is being burned with the atomized fuel oil in the combustion chamber. Lube Oil ingress [...]

Diesel Engine Valve Lash Measurement and Adjustment

Experience indicates a vast importance in on-time engine valve lash measurements to prevent severe diesel engine failures. Excessive and improperly adjusted [...]

CSW pump planned maintenance

Cooling Sea Water pump after a 10861 running hours inspection and maintenance. Impeller found to be very bad along with the wear ring. Metal erosion is done [...]

Boiler water tests at glance

Total Dissolved Solids These can be measured by using a hydrometer to gain a rough reading.  Amore accurate reading can be given by using a example in a [...]

Air Compressors

The function of an air compressor is to take a quantity of air and deliver it at a required pressure.  The most efficient machine is one that does this with [...]

Controllable Pitch Propellers

Advantages associated with maneuvering: Where extensive low speed maneuvering is required for a diesel powered vessel. When the operating conditions vary [...]
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