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HOW TO CHARGE FREON GAS FROM LIQUID SIDE. Tools: Refrigeration gas manifold with colored hoses; Scales; General mechanic tools with ratchet [...]

Заметки по системе кондиционирования воздуха

Система кондиционирования Система с одним воздуховодом является наиболее [...]

Merchant ship air conditioning system

Single duct system is the most common for merchant ship in terms of use as This is the system where only one air duct leads from central air conditioning [...]

Engine don’t immediately stop

I have encountered a problem when tried to stop my KOHLER generator and it did not stop immediately, but kept cranking for some time. Shit I thought, what is [...]

Fresh water production. Plate evaporator Alfa Laval type – JWP

Application: Transformation of sea water into fresh water by vacuum distillation for domestic needs. The installation is widely used in the merchant fleet. [...]

Производство воды. Пластинчатый испаритель типа Alfa Laval – JWP

Применение: Преобразование морской воды в пресную воду путем вакуумной дистилляции [...]

The main points of steam boiler water treatment

steam boiler
The main causes of steam boiler parts corrosion are insoluble gases, incorrect pH level, chloride ions and mechanical contents. Gases - oxygen, carbon [...]

Основные моменты обработки воды парового котла

Основные причины коррозии деталей парового котла – это нерастворимые газы, [...]
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